Tvorog (טבורוג)

TvorogTvorog is a Russian cheese with a consistency somewhere in between American style cream cheese and farmer’s cheese.  It may also be called Russian cottage cheese, farmer’s cheese, or quark.  I bought some by weight from my favorite cheese counter during Passover because it looked like the perfect spread for matzah, and it was!  The tvorog I tried was from Parili dairy with 5% fat from cow’s milk.  There was another tvorog from Moshava dairy with 9% fat, and both dairies sold a variety with golden raisins mixed in.  The flavor of tvorog is very mild and fresh, and for this reason it lends itself well to sweet or savory recipes, such as pancakes, pastries or pierogies.  I suspect that it could also be a good substitute for cream cheese in recipes.

Apparently it is also easy to make at home, see here and here.