Fun Cheese Infographic from the Smithsonian

Apparently January 20 was national cheese lovers’ day! Who knew? To mark the occasion, published this great world map infographic with information on various types of cheeses produced in the world, as well as the amounts of cheese production and consumption, total and per capita. Truly a dream come true for lovers of data, infographics, and cheese (like me).

Here are some tidbits:

  • The average person in Israel ate 37.7 lb of cheese in 2012 (compared to the average American who ate 33.5)
  • Israel produced 35.4 lb of cheese per person in 2012
  • The unique cheeses attributed to Israel were Tzfat (from the city of Tzfat in the north), Akkawi (from Akko), Nabulsi (from Nablus), and Labbeneh.  In the future I hope to have a post devoted to each one of these!