Suluguni (סולוגוני)

Suluguni, also known as Solog, is a Georgian cheese very similar to mozzarella.  It can be produced from any type of milk, and is a fresh cheese, aged between 6-48 hours in brine (salt water solution).  Like mozzarella, the cheese is formed by hand, stretched and folded, to create the characteristic stringy texture.  It is often braided.

Suluguni braidMy supermarket had two types of Suluguni available, both from Parili dairy in Azaria, Israel, which is not far from Rehovot, where I live.  Parili dairy is a third generation dairy specializing in Iraqi and Georgian cheeses from cow’s milk.  According to this website you can visit the dairy, but call first to confirm.

Back to the cheese: one was braided, and contained 18% fat, while the other was in a circular form (like a round challah) and contained 20% fat.  Both were 60 shekel/kilo.  The braided suluguni had a slightly more tender texture, but it was a very subtle difference, the two cheeses were almost identical.

Suluguni does taste, look, and feel just like mozzarella. I would have to try it side by side with some mozzarella to see if there is any noticeable difference.  Therefore this would probably be a good replacement for mozzarella in recipes. To test out this theory I grated some Suluguni and used it as pizza cheese. It was perfect!

Suluguni pizza

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